Can you imagine what it takes to transform the life of a dejected and hopeless glue sniffing girl or boy rescued from the streets, a child/juvenile in prison, a child who has been sexually abused, an orphaned child and other vulnerable children in need of special care and protection? You see and or hear about such vulnerable children and their harrowing experiences on a daily basis and in every town city or village in Kenya.

Without appropriate intervention, we shall be affected individually and severally for standing by as a delinquent and or unskilled generation blossomed into adults impacting negatively in society. These children need immediate and gradual intervention through rescue, psychosocial support and educational support to the highest level based on their ability.

Today, education and skills training has become the most important inheritance every child deserves from a caring society. When one supports the cause to reach out to the vulnerable child or less fortunate persons, it is participation in turning away anger, hatred, and criminal tendency from our society and molding the underprivileged and vulnerable into loving, humane and responsible members of the society.

Each year, we process over 25,000 applications from bright and needy students desiring to further their studies. MCF through its initiatives, only manages to sponsor about 150 students of the applicants to Universities and colleges leaving out a considerable population of youths in vicious cycle of poverty. In furtherance to MCF philosphies of ”Saving Children’s Lives” and the need to sustainably scale up the charity work, MCF Education fund will enhance access to higher education for several youths annually, who would otherwise missout on such lifelong benefit.

The fund targets most needy students:

  1. Primary School leavers who may be enrolled in artisan and craft courses
  2. Secondary School dropouts who would wish to complete their secondary education and or enroll for vocational skills,
  3. Secondary school leavers who could not enroll in college or University due to financial constraints
  4. College and University Students dropouts or on the verge verge of dropping out due financial constraint.

MCF Education Fund Beneficiaries

Mully Education Fund was established in the year 2001 after the first lot of MCF sponsored bright but financially challenged students. Most of whom were were rescued from the street, the orphans, child mothers, and the abandoned children. The scholarship for College and University education is to ensure that the investment in ones rehabilitation and support in formative years is equipped with necessary skills for dignified living. Secondary education in Kenya is focused both on those pupils who plan to enter the labour market afterwards and those who plan to continue on to higher education.

Since its inception the Mully Education Fund has over 1900 students who have benefited from the fund.

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